Division of Support for Research and Education

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

The Research Support Division of the CCCUPR is fully committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace by identifying and eliminating hazards, protecting workers, and continuously improving workplace safety and health and environmental protection. Included in the core elements of a strong safety and health culture are the information, education, and training tools. The EHS Online Safety Training Program Platform provides the CCCUPR community (employers, supervisors, employees, students, and contractors) with the knowledge and skills needed to safely perform your work and avoid creating hazards that could place yourself or others at risk and provides awareness and understanding of our specific workplace hazards, how to identify, report, and control them.

The training modules are designed to discuss general and specific topics depending on the area of work.

Module 1

EHS Initial Training is required training for all the CCCUPR community that works in the Héctor J. Ferrer building. It discusses general topics that include:

  • The basic provisions of the PR Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1975 and other applicable acts under EPA and DRNA
  • The general safety rules applicable to the workplace, and
  • The appropriate emergency response procedures

Module 2
This module has the following prerequisites for validation and authorization for access to the research laboratories:

  1. Module # 1
  2. Provide evidence of completion of CITI PROGRAM computer-based training courses:
    • Human Research (Biomedical Research)
    • CITI Good Clinical Practice Course
    • CITI Health Information Privacy and Security
    • Training for Investigators, Staff and Students Handling Biohazards
    • “Biosafety complete Training Series” by CITI Program
  3. Documents duly completed for the access request as required by the UPRCCC
    • Access Control Form
    • CCCUPR Information Systems Access

EHS Initial Training – Laboratory Safety is required training for all the CCCUPR community that works in the Research Support Division and performs laboratory work. It discusses general topics that include:

  • The recognition, control and prevention of the specific hazards present during laboratory work at CCCUPR Research Support Division
    • Chemical Hazards
    • Biological Hazards
    • Physical Hazards
    • Safety Hazards

All laboratory workers or visitors performing a laboratory service must complete these training requirements once a year. Each supervisor must issue Laboratory Access and Compliance Certification Letter. This letter should be sent to the UPRCCC Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, health.safety@cccupr.org. (Download form here).

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